The Malignant Ginger

I'm Jojogingerhead, a 31 year old artist & musician based in Brighton (UK) satirically documenting the highs and lows of my secondary triple negative breast cancer diagnosis. Trying to see the light in a dark and scary situation without using the words fight, battle, journey or survivor.

Fruit and veg skull-pulp-tures!


I fashioned this skull from the fruit and vegetable pulp leftover by my juicer. It’s such a waste and I always feel bad chucking it away, so now I will make sculptures from it. Can anyone guess what today’s flavour was?!


2014-07-09 16.13.32

My fruit and vegetable pulp skull is starting to look a little like how I feel! My house mates made me throw it away as it was attracting swarms of flies…


2014-07-14 13.37.18-2

Another day, another fruit and vegetable pulp skull, a ram this time. Today’s flavour was carrot, apple and a ton of ginger as the nausea is bad and I refuse to take the drugs they have given me for it (apparently ginger is scientifically proven to work just as well).


2014-07-16 14.11.09-1

Fruit and vegetable pulp ram skull one week later. My mum made me throw this one away, the flies seem to love the stuff!


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