The Malignant Ginger

I'm Jojogingerhead, a 31 year old artist & musician based in Brighton (UK) satirically documenting the highs and lows of my secondary triple negative breast cancer diagnosis. Trying to see the light in a dark and scary situation without using the words fight, battle, journey or survivor.

Work top titties

I was chopping up squash in preparation for dinner this evening and noticed this lovely pair mocking me from the worktop!

Oct, 20

Movin’ to my comfy bed, gonna eat a lot of peaches

I’ve been feeling super exhausted and rather cranky since Saturday (hence lack of blogging/social media) so I have retreated to my comfy bed with a tray of baked peaches that my friend gave me the […]

Sep, 23

Liquidised frog spawn breakfast

My amazing mum made this rather dubious looking concoction in her nutribullet. It actually was rather tasty, I think it contained spinach, blueberries, banana, pear, strawberries and yogurt.

Sep, 07

Great balls of fire (and nuts and seeds and dried fruit)

    Energy balls round two! Let’s hope that these ones don’t taste like the devils rectum like round one did. Here is the new and improved recipe: Mixed nuts (brazil, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts)Mixed seeds […]

Sep, 03

Wasp infested wedding cake

I managed to summon up the energy to bake my dear friends a lemon drizzle cake for their wedding, it had a disaster halfway through but I managed to save it with the help of […]

Sep, 01

Wedding cake rejecting it’s filling

I managed to create a monstrosity this afternoon. It’s supposed to be a lemon drizzle cake for my friends wedding but the cake decided to reject it’s own filling. People keep saying it looks like […]

Aug, 29

Deformed ginger nausea nudibranch

I’ve been making drinks of grated ginger in hot water with honey and lemon and noticed a specimen of ginger today that looked like a nudibranch or sea slug. After posting the photo on Facebook, […]

Aug, 27