The Malignant Ginger

I'm Jojogingerhead, a 31 year old artist & musician based in Brighton (UK) satirically documenting the highs and lows of my secondary triple negative breast cancer diagnosis. Trying to see the light in a dark and scary situation without using the words fight, battle, journey or survivor.

Headscarf collection

My poor bald head is now feeling very special as I have accrued a load of headscarf’s to adorn it with.

Jun, 30

The worlds biggest shepherds pie

I have taken to cooking food in big batches and so I have dinners for when I feel too rubbish to cook. This is my latest concoction – a giant bucket of shepherds pie. I […]

Jun, 30

Enrique Mango-iglesias

My chemo mascot had to be thrown away today as he was shrivelling into nothing!

Jun, 30

A bird in the waiting room

I was waiting to see the Oncologist in the hospital waiting room and a bird flew inside and got trapped for a bit. It caused quite a stir!

Jun, 30

Nautical mobile what I made for my friend

In a burst of steroid induced creative energy, I managed to create this nautical themed mobile for one of my best friends birthday presents. It’s made from drift wood and shells that I collected and […]

Jun, 28

Toesy woesies

I painted my toenails dark as apparently the chemo can nails fall off if exposed to UV sunlight.

Jun, 27

The kindness of others

  Now this ginger wig is more like it! I’m incredibly touched at the kindness of others by this amazing mystery wig landing on my doorstep earlier. I was feeling pretty miserable watching our neighbours […]

Jun, 24